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D Dunk Lewis & Graves have been long term supporters of the Bridlington Lifeboat Station and its current Station Chairman is our very own Richard Dunk who has been heavily involved in the plans for the new boat house facility in readiness for the new design Shannon Class Lifeboat which is due on station in 2017.  The new boathouse will replace the existing boat house which was first occupied in 1903!!

Work on the new boathouse facility commenced in September 2015 and will be programmed in two main phases.

During the Autumn and Winter 2015/16 work will start on the increase width of the sea wall and with a fair wind will be completed by the Spring 2016 thus enabling the Promenade to be reopened for the 2016 Summer Season.  During the sea wall phase the preliminary work on the main Boathouse will commence and the main building construction will continue during the Spring and Summer period 2016 with an anticipated completion at the end of 2016

The new Promenade will be opened for the 2016 season and will be fully accessible to the public and in particular the land train facility.

The whole project will bring enormous benefits to not only the new Shannon Class Lifeboat launching facility but a huge benefit to the Council in achieving a wider promenade in front of the new Toilet facilities by the YWA pumping station.  It will eliminate the current "pinch point" in front of the current building making it more user friendly and seriously enhance the safety element for the use of the land train.  In addition it provides an open vista elements which makes it more attractive to tourism etc. and a better flow to the South Promenades and beach.

The new boat house itself has been so designed to complement the Spa facility/building.  It will be user friendly and will be an enormous draw and tourist attraction as well as being the focal point of the Search and Rescue facility in this area.  It will incorporate the new Offshore Lifeboat, the Inshore Lifeboat, the Lifeguard equipment and the shop retail outlet as well as providing much needed up to date crew changing facilities.  Bringing together all the current assets under one roof.

In addition, as and when the new boathouse is fully operational, the RNLI will be able to release the current inshore boathouse on the promenade and the lifeboat shop back to the Council with the proviso that part of the old boathouse can provide look out facilities for the lifeguards.

The RNLI are investing heavily into Bridlington.  The Budgeted cost of the increased Promenade is in the region of £1.2 million and the new boathouse circa £3 million at total of £5.5 million in addition to the sea wall costs.